In 2010 MJM Youth Performing Arts Center, Inc. was started as a 501(3c) non profit organization to provide means for students to develop their artistic skills in dance and gymnastics.  Currently, the organization runs an annual Tri-State Classic Trampoline and Tumbling meet, a Winter Ballet, and a Tutu Trot 5k color run all of which help to generate funding for this organization. These three events contribute support for students who wish to pursue their dreams of competing with the USA Gymnastic circuit or entering the professional dance circuit.

This organization uses the facility at MJM Studios, Inc. to train students so they can participate in such organized events as mentioned above.  Our goal at YPAC is to promote health and fitness at an early age to instill exercise, proper diet and over all learning to as many children in the area as possible.

In 2016 the organization opened a pre-school for 3 and 4 year olds which also encompasses dance and tumbling in addition to the academic education of young children.

So far, the Youth Performing Arts Center has helped support several programs for children beginning as young as 9 months old by contributing funds for uniforms, warm ups, and costumes, and pre-school supplies.  The long term goal for the YPAC is to be able to offer classes for any child in the Northern Kentucky community by providing scholarships and grants to those who might need assistance.

Our program seeks to help children learn the importance of health and fitness in a fun and creative environment in their early childhood learning ages to foster a healthy and stable future wellbeing.

Children’s health is ultimately determined through both biological and behavioral factors interacting with the child and their family’s physical and social environments.  Therefore, having access to an environment that fosters a healthy lifestyle and promotes positive health choices is crucial in the development of a child’s overall health status.  Unfortunately, many children do not have access to facilities or services offering programs that provide the sufficient amount of physical activity necessary for the children to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.


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